Want to make your stay even better?

Want something special or to add a little more luxury to your dinner? Please book in advance and we will arrange everything.


  • Chocolate pralines 4, SEK 150
  • Sparkling white wine 75 cl, SEK 450
  • Champagne 75 cl, SEK 850
  • Sparkling white wine 75 cl and chocolate pralines, SEK 580
  • Champagne 75 cl and chocolate pralines, SEK 980
  • Cut flowers: a beautiful little bouquet of flowers, SEK 350
  • Mini VIP Spa: 2 face masks and a 37.5cl bottle of champagne, SEK 495
  • Beer: 4 cold beers and a selection of snacks, SEK 395

Select additional options in step 2 of your online booking.


  • Wine Package (for those who booked the hotel package): A glass of wine perfectly paired with your dish; the ideal accompaniment to the evening’s three course menu, 395 SEK/person. Two course wine package SEK 225/person.
  • Make sure to reserve a table well in advance of arrival, regardless of whether you are booking for a weekday or weekend. The most popular dining times are quickly filled, so please book as early as possible.

Select from various wine packages in step 2 of your online booking. Make a reservation at the restaurant Sand here .



Treat yourself to the pinnacle of well-being — a soothing and rejuvenating head-to-toe massage treatment, a facial treatment, or all manner of tiny little extras that will make you absolutely shimmer all day and night.

Please book any spa treatments well in advance of arrival to ensure that there is space and availability for your desired time.

Want to surprise a friend or loved one?

If you want to surprise someone with something nice waiting for them in their room, just let us know the guest’s reservation number. For security reasons*, we are unable to divulge information about the guests staying at our hotel; therefore, we cannot assist you if you do not know the booking number of the person you have in mind.

*) In accordance with the GDPR and Safehotels Alliance regulations

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