Kallbadhuset vid Hotel Skansen i Båstad

Cold bath house

Take a stroll along our 60-meter long wooden bridge, and walk across the sandy beach and the water. On the other side, you can enjoy our warm sauna and a splendid scenic view of the Kattegatt. Get ready for a cold dip in the ocean and then — just do it. Those who know the joys of the cold bath house will be the first to tell you that the colder it is, the better it is. Today there is even research that suggests that cold bathing can make you calm, alert, and happy for the rest of the day.

about the cold bath house

About our cold bath house

In the late 1800s, Båstad made bathing history by building a cold bath house. The original bath house has long been destroyed, but in 2009 we opened a new one, erecting it in the same place as the original in a fitting tribute.

The interior bears the signature Nordic lighting design with its huge panoramic windows that face the sea. In the lounge you can sit in welcoming and comfortable chairs, reclining by the fire and looking out over the Kattegatt. Whether you warm up in the sauna, relax out on the terrace, or take a hot bath in the open air, you’re sure to enjoy yourself. And it’s an easy trip down to the beach for a quick dip in the ocean. On our wooden deck you can sit and chat with friends, surrounded on all sides by the brilliant and beautiful sea.

The cold bath house is open to everyone all year long. Whether you are staying at the hotel or just visiting for a while, you are welcome to stop by. Opening hours and prices can be found below.


opening hours & prices

Opening times

Everyone is welcome at our luxurious cold bath house: whether you’re a hotel guest, someone visiting from town, a child or an adult, it’s an experience we invite you to enjoy. That said, all are welcome, but sometimes at slightly different times. In general, afternoons and evenings during the weekends are reserved for our hotel guests. Children under the age of 13 are welcome to join on Wednesdays. You can find our full opening hours through the link below.

The feelgood effect of a cold bath

The colder the bath, the better the rejuvenation. Research has shown that a cold bath can make you significantly less stressed, while also elevating your mood — the perfect recipe for true happiness. The brisk cold shock triggers your endorphins and causes your body to produce serotonin and oxytocin — the hormones our body naturally releases to make us feel great.


Entrance for hotel guests
For hotel guests who booked a spa package, admission to the cold bath house is included
For hotel guests who have only booked accommodation and breakfast, admission is 95 SEK

Entrance for external guests
Adult 130 SEK (Mon – Thurs)
Adult 175 SEK (Fri – Sun)
Children under 13 years 70 SEK (Wednesdays only)
10x entry card adult 1095 SEK
10x entry card children 600 SEK (children under 13 years of age)

Rent the Cold Bath House (Monday–Sunday 19.00–21.00)
1–10 pers 2,500 SEK/hr
11–25 pers 4,000 SEK/hr
26–50 pers 5,500 SEK/hr

Additional options when renting:
Light snack package (chips and nuts) 27 SEK/pers
Full Snack package (chips, nuts, cheese, olives) 50 SEK/pers
Cider, beer and wine are also available to order.

Swimwear or in the nude?

In our cold bath house, you can choose to bathe naked or with swimwear.

We have separate sections for men and women, each with their own changing room, showers, saunas and entrance to the sea. For hygienic precautions, when bathing without swimwear guests should sit on a towel. The cold dip into the chilly waters can also be done either in the nude or with swimwear.

Swimwear must be worn in the outdoor pool.

Can I reserve?

If you don’t stay at the hotel, please call us before you visit to make sure there is space. Unfortunately you can not make a reservation at the Cold Bath House.

Cold Bath House telephone number: +46 431-55 82 04.


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