At the far end of our winter garden you’ll find Skansen’s spa area. Here are spa treatment rooms, steam baths and a beautiful pool. Keep going and you will find a path that brings you right to the cold bath house, 100 meters out in the sea. Have a seat on the dock to enjoy a cold bath with a beer in your hand. Now that’s the good life.

About Hotel Skansen’s Spa

A visit to our spa is a truly comprehensive experience. Come in for a specialty treatment, a cold dip or a full relaxing weekend.


  • Spa lobby, reception, shop and spa bar
  • Spa treatment department
  • Dry sauna
  • Steam sauna
  • Hot japanese bath 38 degrees
  • Clover-shaped pool 32 degrees
  • Raindrop shower and chilled pail
  • Relaxation area with chaise lounge


  • Separate sections for ladies and gentlemen
  • Dry sauna with windows facing the sea, for ladies and gentlemen
  • Descent to the sea, for ladies and gentlemen
  • Common Japanese tranquil outdoor pool, 38° C
  • Common relaxation area with fireplace and panoramic windows facing the sea
  • Relax with drinks, smoothies and simple snacks.


  • Infinity pool 14×3 meters with an unobstructed view of the sea and horizon
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sun terrace with chaise lounge
  • Rooftop bar
  • Relaxation area with sloping panoramic window of the surrounding sea
  • View of the center court and sparkling sea

prices spa entry

Free entry with spa packages

Entrance to the spa, rooftop, and cold bathhouse is included for those who have booked one of our spa packages with accommodation or a day spa package. Other guests are welcome to purchase entrance on-site, subject to availability (cannot be guaranteed in advance).


Opening hours for external guests (subject to availability):
Spa, rooftop, and gym: Mon-Thu 9-19, Fri-Sun 10-15
Cold bathhouse: Mon-Fri 7-16, Sat-Sun 10-16

Entrance Spa/Rooftop/Cold Bathhouse/Gym:
Monday-Thursday 650 SEK
Friday-Sunday750 SEK
Bathrobe and towel rental included (bring your own slippers)

Entrance Cold Bathhouse:
Monday-Thursday 130 SEK
Friday-Sunday 175 SEK
Children under 13 years old 70 SEK (Wednesdays only)
Towel included. Bathrobe rental 40 SEK

All paying entrance is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed in advance.


Spa entrance for Spa Package guests:
Entrance is included for Spa/Rooftop/Cold Bathhouse/Gym for guests who have booked a package with spa included

Spa entrance for Accommodation & Breakfast guests:
Spa/Rooftop/Cold Bathhouse/Gym 395 SEK
Valid Mon-Thu from 15.00 and Fri-Sun from 18.00, subject to availability

Spa entrance for Golf Package guests:
Monday-Thursday: Entrance included to Spa/Rooftop/Cold Bathhouse/Gym
Friday-Sunday: Spa/Rooftop/Cold Bathhouse/Gym 395 SEK

Children and Youth:
Pool entrance for children under 13 years old accompanied by an adult who has purchased entrance (07.00–11.00, 19.00-21.00) 150 SEK
Rooftop for youth from 16 years old accompanied by an adult who has purchased entrance (all days), see adult prices
Cold Bathhouse for children under 13 years old accompanied by an adult who has purchased entrance (Wednesdays) 60 SEK

All paying entrance is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed in advance. Entrance is valid for the individual day.


Entrance to Spa/Rooftop/Cold Bathhouse/Gym in connection with treatment, subject to availability:
Monday-Thursday 250 SEK/person
Friday-Sunday 350 SEK/person
Bathrobe and towel rental included (bring your own slippers)


New Shop

Bring home the feeling of luxury. In our new shop, you will find a wide assortment of our premium spa products from Elemis, Murad, By Terry and Skandinavisk. You’ll also find all sorts of interior furnishings, fitness apparel, bags, jewelry and stylish clothing. Why not shop for a nice little gift — a special treat for yourself or someone you love?

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Day spa package

Welcome to day spa! Here you can enjoy a leisurely bath as well as warm and soothing spa treatments. Visit our cold bath house, enjoy fine dining in our restaurant, and round off the session with rest and relaxation.



Questions and answers

Do you have any special summer offers for the spa?
During the summer we offer several exciting packages for those who wish to experience one of the best spas in Skåne. If you would like to take a closer look at our spa offers for the summer, you can find them on our Offers & Packages page.

Is your spa open this summer?
Our luxury spa in Båstad is open to guests in the summer. Plan your holiday in Sweden and visit our luxurious spa! This summer we are also opening a brand new section — the spectacular Rooftop Spa.

What activities are available at your spa?
You can indulge in various activities here at the spa. We have a dry sauna as well as a steam sauna. There are numerous spa treatments for those who wish to enjoy luxurious and relaxing sessions. We also have several pools, raindrop showers and tranquil relaxation areas for guests to enjoy. In addition to our spa, you can also try our signature cold bath house for a refreshing swim in the sea, or relax yourself in the warm sauna that overlooks the majestic Kattegat sea. In addition, we offer yoga sessions, exercise facilities and activity classes on weekends (not available during the summer season).

Can we spend the night at the spa?
You are welcome to stay overnight in our comfortable hotel facilities in connection with your spa visit. Enjoy a luxurious overnight stay, a delicious breakfast, and then savor the morning in our spa. On our Packages & Offers page you’ll find a full list of our packages that include access to our spa.

What spa packages do you offer?
We have several packages that include access to our spa. Whether you’re staying for a longer duration, a leisurely weekend trip, or just overnight, we have a package for you. Be sure to check out our popular Golf Package where you can relax in the spa after a day on the greens!

Do you have an outdoor spa?
This summer we will open our new Rooftop Spa, an exclusive experience with a rooftop pool. Enjoy the fresh, outdoor air while relaxing in a picturesque pool high above the surrounding area. You can also try the cold bath house, just below us by the sea — here you can take a refreshing dip in the sea and then descend into the warm outdoor pool to luxuriate under the wide open sky.

Are children allowed at your spa?
Children are welcome in select areas of the spa during specified hours and with an accompanying adult.

Is there an age limit at your spa?
Children under the age of 13 who are staying at the hotel are welcome to the clover-shaped swimming pool in the company of an adult during select hours (Monday–Sunday during the hours of 7:00–09:00 AM and 7:00–9:00 PM). The remaining sections of the spa are only for guests over the age of 13. Young adults aged 13–15 are welcome to use these sections in the company of an adult. The new Rooftop Spa is for guests over the age of 16. The cold bath house is open to children ages 13 and over on Wednesdays when accompanied by a guardian or adult.

Is your spa located close to the sea?
Our Spa & Hotel is located right on the Skåne Sea in beautiful Båstad. We’re less than 100 meters from the beach — a quick and easy walk for a stroll on the sand or a leisurely swim. It’s also just a short walk across the pier that leads to our cold bath house.

Is the spa open during the day?
There are several different options to experience the day spa here in Skåne. During the day guests can use our various spa facilities including spa treatments, relaxation areas, and our cold bath house. Several of our day packages also include breakfast, lunch or dinner in the Restaurant Sand — everything you need to make your spa stay wonderful and relaxing.

Is there a restaurant at your spa?
Our popular Restaurant Sand is open and accessible to guests visiting the spa. Make sure to reserve a table while booking your spa experience. If you prefer something a bit smaller, there are light snacks and drinks available in our spa shop.

Do you serve breakfast at your spa?
A delicious buffet breakfast is served every morning in the Restaurant Sand. Wake up in beautiful Skåne and enjoy a luxurious breakfast while overlooking the sea after you’ve revitalized yourself with one of our incredible spa experiences.

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