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Båstad has so much more than just tennis, golf, festivities and luxurious sandy beaches. The area also holds a wide array of magnificent experiences in nature, as well as forays into a wealth of art, culture and history. And even though we love the vibrant summer, Båstad is even more beautiful when the busiest season has subsided. It’s not easy to explain, but we know exactly how it feels, and we’re certain that you’ll feel it, too. It’s simply a feeling of happiness and well-being.


Cycling on the Bjäre Peninsula

Boost your bike training with a training camp in Scandinavia’s best cycling destination. The Bjäre peninsula’s winding and uncrowded roads are the perfect place for a cycling trek. Whether you are an elite competitor or a leisurely everyday cyclist, there is something here for you. Make your way through the majestic fields and stunning beechwood forests, knowing that you’re never too far from a magnificent sea view. Plus, the mild climate means that it’s bike season here all year long.

On our cycling site you will find suggestions for routes that are great for both road bikes and MTB.

If you are a mountain bike enthusiast, check out a little inspiration here:


Play golf on the Bjäre Peninsula

Northwest Skåne is a paradise for golfers. The only place with a denser concentration of links is Florida! The Bjäre Peninsula boasts five 18-hole courses and a 9-hole course — each one withs its own unique character.

Hotel Skansen works with Båstad GK and Bjäre GK, where we will gladly help you book time on the course.

Båstad GK’s two courses are located on beautiful hilly terrain. The Old Course is Sweden’s second oldest 18-hole course — a genuine classic to play on. The New Course has played host to many international competitions. Bjørre GK’s 18-hole course is an absolute gem, and definitely not to be missed. Situated in rolling hills on a high ridge, it offers absolutely stunning views of the sea.

Looking for some tips on the golf course? Check out the golf school at our sister hotel, Torekov Hotel:


Inspired by Bjäre

People have called the Bjäre Peninsula home since ancient times, and you can see the traces of these bronze-aged people all over the place. The former inhabitants leave their mark all over the countryside, in the form of burial mounds, engravings, and petroglyphs. The area’s modern history has centered around the emergence of the bathing resort and Ludvig Nobel’s love for Båstad. If you are interested in history, Båstad is an exciting and scenic experience to explore and discover the past.

If you prefer something a little more contemporary, we’ve also got you covered. Nearby are numerous galleries and art studios. During Konstrundan, an amazing annual event here in Båstad, you have the opportunity to visit artists and craftspeople in their homes, getting a peek into their lives and workshops. On Aghardsgatan in central Båstad lies the studio of the legendary textile artist Märta Måås-Fjetterströms, where unique carpets are still woven by hand.

In the middle of Bjäre, in the village of Svenstad, Birgit Nilsson’s family farm is lovingly nestled among scenic hills and pastures. It was here that La Nilsson grew up and worked on the family farm, all while she dreamed of a future in the world of the song. Today the farm stands as a museum, tended to according to Birgit’s wishes, where memories of her childhood and her unrivalled opera career are preserved.

Music enthusiasts should not miss the Båstad Chamber Music Festival, which is organized every summer.

Tennis & Padel


Hotel Skansen offers one of Europe’s most attractive tennis facilities. It is, to say the least, a special feeling to rent the Centercourt and play a match where stars such as Björn Borg, Mats Wilander, Robin Söderling and Rafael Nadal have won.

Hotel Skansen’s Tennis Courts.
Six gravel courts are available to choose from around the hotel.
The tennis season runs from May to September.
Book a court at Matchi or via Hotel Skansen’s reception at, or +46 (0) 431-55 81 00.

The Tennis Facility at Båstad
Drivan Båstad Sportcenter in central Båstad, has 14 gravel courts and 6 indoor courts.
Here you can book professional personal trainers, several of whom have been players at the highest elite level.
Book a court at Matchi or via Hotel Skansen’s reception, at, or +46 (0) 431-55 81 00.

Rackets and balls can be rented at the hotel reception for SEK 80 / person (NOTE! Limited numbers). Call in advance to check availability, +46 (0) 431-55 81 00.



Play padel on Sweden’s first padel court, or indoors in Båstad’s newly-built padel hall!

Padel Court in Båstad’s Harbor:
Outdoor court at Badhusparken in Båstad harbor. Sweden’s first padel court, opened in 2009. Completely renovated in 2020.
Book a court at Matchi or via Hotel Skansen’s reception at, +46 (0) 431-55 81 00.

Padel court at Båstad Sportcenter, Drivan:
Outdoor court at the tennis center on Korrödsvägen in Drivan, in central Båstad.
Book a court at Matchi or via Hotel Skansen’s reception, at, +46 (0) 431-55 81 00.

Båstad Padel hall at Båstad Station:
Newly opened padel facility, which is located 150 meters north of Båstad’s new train station.
There are currently 3 outdoor courts, and in November 2020, 5 indoor courts will be opened.
Book a court via

Rackets and balls can be rented at the hotel reception for SEK 80 / person (NOTE! Limited numbers). Call in advance to check availability: +46 (0) 431-55 81 00.


A journey by the sea

We welcome you to a rare and beautiful place, with a wealth of hiking trails, activities, experiences and enjoyment. Over 130 kilometres of hiking trails can be found around the Bjäre peninsula. The combination of the hilly landscape of Hallandsåsen and the sea all around you gives you breathtaking views, magical beechwood forests and sparkling waters.

At the hotel you can take Båstad’s own hiking map, with suggestions for 18 different scenic hiking tours.

A little inspiration for your hiking can be found here:


Visit Norrviken Gardens

Norrviken is a fantastic and beautiful place, highly recommended to all of our visitors, both young and old.

Famous for its gardens in many different styles, Norrviken was created by Rudolf Abelin in the early 1900s. A visionary who was inspired by various countries and eras, he gave each garden its own special character. The gardens offer an experience for all the senses.

In the middle of the park is the newly restored Villa Abelin, an incredibly beautiful building where you can appreciate the fine dining of Orangeriet restaurant and Salamander café & bar. Summer exhibitions are also available to visit here.

At sea

Sailing and water recreation

Båstad has been host to a wide range of international sailing competitions in recent years. Laholmsbukten offers ideal conditions for many sea sports, and the recurring Sailing Week attracts all sorts of events both on land and at sea.

Speedcats, sailing school, or SUP (stand up paddle) can all be found in Båstad Harbour. Groups can hire fast R.I.B boats and experience the coast at thrilling speeds. You can also find places to go wave and wind surfing. At the Kattvik harbour, you can hire a small fishing boat with inboard engine and take her out for a leisurely fishing trip. Coastal trout fishing is popular during early spring, and in Stensån you can go both fly and reel fishing.

Boat trips with seal safaris originate from Torekov or Båstad, offering amazing nature experiences that go well beyond the usual.

Check out some helpful tips from our sister hotel in Torekov:


Experience the cinema in Båstad

Båstad has a proud culture of fine cinema, and is the host of a high quality film festival.

The Lilla Filmfestivalen in Båstad begins in August each year. The festival was started by Bo Widerberg in 1996, and since its inception it has shown quality films from around the world.

Bio Scala is located in the middle of the village, just above Hotel Skansen, and shows films all year round.

If you want to experience some of the most famous locations in the history of the film, you can head to Hallands Väderö (Hallands Weather Island), where Ronja Rövardotter screamed for spring in a forest full of flowers. Or head over to Hov’s Hallar, the scene of the chess game in Ingmar Berhman’s classic film, The Seventh Seal. Or why not follow Johannes Brost’s footsteps in Båstad from Avalon, or take a bath at the pier in Torekov like Mickan in Solsidan?

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