Coast to Coast Package

Hike between Torekov and Båstad

Experience a stunning coastal hike on the Skåneleden trail between Torekov and Båstad, while you stay and dine at two different hotels during your trip. The Coast to Coast Package includes one overnight stay at the Torekov Hotel and one at the Hotel Skansen in Båstad. You choose which end you want to start your hike (and your stay) — and if you decide you don’t want to hike the whole trail, we offer taxis to any starting point along the way. For the hike you will receive a backpack that contains a picnic bag, a map, a blanket, and a bottle of water.

about the package


• Picnic backpack with packed lunch, map, fleece blanket, and water bottle for the excursion.
• Taxi to the desired starting point along the trail between Torekov and Båstad.

• Three course dinner
• An overnight stay with breakfast buffet
• Access to the spa

• Three course dinner
• An overnight stay with breakfast buffet
• Access to the spa, rooftop and cold bath hous*


Dates and prices

The package is available year-round, except during tennis weeks (10–23 July 2024), Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
From SEK 4,595 /person

Additions for weekends, sea view, and single room.

About the hike

Skåneleden Trail between Båstad and Torekov

Length: 24 km. This part of the Skåneleden trail offers a fantastic coastal hike with varied terrain between the two picturesque villages of Båstad and Torekov. En route you will pass the Norrviken Gardens (Norrvikens trädgårdar), the Englandsdal nature reserve full of grazing animals, and Knösen, the highest point on Bjäre Peninsula.

Another highlight is Hov’s Halls (Hov Hallar; see large photo), famous for its dramatic red cliffs and simply gorgeous sunsets. It’s well-known as the site of the chess scene between the knight and Death in Ingmar Bergman’s film, The Seventh Seal.

More information and map info:
Båstad–Hovs Hallar
Hovs Hallar–Torekov

hiker's tips

If you want the morning sun shining on your face, it’s best to start in Båstad. If you prefer walking towards the sunset, you had better start your trip in Torekov.

If you do not wish to hike the entire route, we offer taxi service to any starting point you desire.

FLEXIBLE BOOKING. Choose one of our cancellation protections, and you can cancel at short notice.

IMAGE FROM Hovs Hallar, PHOTOGRAPHER: Louise Nordström Pettersson

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