Conference activities

Top Master

Assemble a football team in the build-up to the World Cup. Create your winning team in Båstad with the team-building activity, Top Master!

Top Master is based on an idea from a Swedish television mini-series known as “LAGET”. Broadcast just before the 2018 World Cup, it allowed viewers to follow the Swedish national team’s on-site training here in Båstad. Using a variety of team-building exercises and races, the team worked together to become greater than the sum of their parts, and improved both individually and as a team. The program series was produced by SVT Sport in cooperation with the SpiritEvent activity company and Hotel Skansen.

Now you and your employees can also build your winning team in Båstad, following the same recipe that gave the football team such success. This exciting and fun competition takes place on the beach, where you will work together and challenge each other in a variety of physical and mental tasks. Your strengths and weaknesses will be truly measured, tested through everything from tug of war battles and play-hunting to brain teasers and memory exercises. At the end, the finalists come together in an exciting night duel to earn the prestigious title of Top Master.

A thrilling competition that will test the spirit, stamina, and strategy of the participants. Exciting, challenging and very, very funny.

Autumn Promotion

Book an autumn conference at Hotel Skansen with the Top Master team-building activity, and you pay only 395 SEK/person for the activity (minimum 14 participants).


Cooking Evening at Sands Bakficka

A fun way to mingle over the pots and pans to socialize whilst cooking!

A cooking evening is a fun and effective activity that is perfect for small groups. It’s a really exciting and entertaining way to develop teamwork, hone your group’s collaborative mentality, and invigorate your team’s spirit. Let one of the skilled chefs from our Restaurant Sand guide you through an exhilarating gastronomic experience where you yourself get to participate in the cooking and in the end will create a sumptuous masterpiece.

We start the evening by assembling and going over a few choice recipes. Your group will be divided into three teams, each of which is responsible for a different course: the starter, the main course, and the dessert. You’ll cook, flavour, and taste each delectable dish, using as many seasonal and local ingredients as possible to create a truly special meal.

• Exclusive use of the Sands Bakficka kitchen with its modern and spacious facilities.
• Supervision and guidance from the staff at our Restaurant Sand.
• Snacks and drinks for participants to enjoy during the cooking.
• Wine tasting
• A three-course dinner (which can also have a thematic focus upon request)
• Wine packages with the meal
• Aprons with the Hotel Skansen logo.

The Cooking Evening can accommodate up to 12 participants and includes a wine tasting. 1495 SEK/person
A minimum of 6 participants is required with a maximum of 12.
All prices are excluding VAT.

Meetings with spa


Complete your meeting with a relaxing spa experience, a great way to provide some after-hours time for conversation and laughter. Perhaps a health-oriented spa for the whole group? There’s nothing like a few hours in the cold bath house or a crossfit workout to bring everyone together. It is our pleasure to help you arrange and book activities for your group.

Spa and cold bath house
Look out over Kattegatt from the warm sauna; feel the coolness of the gentle sea breeze, equal parts invigorating and refreshing all year long. Luxuriate in our heated Japanese pool, surrounded by ocean and sky in the open air. After relaxing in the baths and sauna, enjoy yourself in the lounge for a comfortable break with a smoothie or cup of coffee. At some times the entire cold bath house can be reserved, if you are interested; please check in with us for availability.

The spa area in the main building houses a sauna, spa, and relaxation room. Spa kits with a wide range of cleansing and treatment products are available for purchase, enabling you to have the same relaxing experience in your own wash room.

Overnight conference guests have free access to the spa, gym and cold bath house.

Water Training
We have a wide range of spa massages and treatments for both men and women. We are happy to recommend a course of relaxing spa treatments that complement each other nicely to maximize your time here. Enjoy yourself in a comfortable relaxation room with a stunning sea view.

Price: From 2560 SEK/group, maximum 14 persons

Relaxation Treatments
We have a wide range of spa massages and treatments for both men and women. We are happy to recommend a course of relaxing spa treatments that complement each other nicely to maximize your time here. Enjoy yourself in a comfortable relaxation room with a stunning sea view.

Price: From 364 SEK/person

Dance and movement
We organize fun group activity sessions with our experienced instructors. We offer everything from boxing and fitness to African dance, yoga and zumba. Each session is about 45 minutes long.

Price: From 2560 SEK/group

Skansen Energizer
Our 15–20 minute session led by a skilled instructor is meant to lead you in activities that will give your meeting a new energy and vigour. The activities include seated relaxation, massages, simple qigong movements, and gymnastics, all designed to give your body a real kick during meeting breaks. Enhance your break activities further by adding a healthy smoothie-shot or a fun chocolate-tasting session.

Price: From 760 SEK/group per break activity

All hotel guests have free access to our gym with high-quality fitness and strength equipment. You can also book sessions with a personal trainer. Be sure to book well in advance of the meeting to ensure availability.

Running Routes
Give your day a really great start with this run along the sea. Maps are available at the reception area that offer suggestions for running routes of various lengths.


All prices are excluding VAT. Group activities and spa access must be pre-booked prior to arrival.

Tasteful Meetings

Composing a true taste experience is a craft that we take pride in. All of our conference packages include refreshments, a lunch with a delicious salad buffet, two main dishes, as well as a two-course dinner in the evening. We would be happy to help you arrange a meeting where the flavour is the focus.

Enhance your flavour experience
Complement your booking with a little extra something. Round off the dinner with a scrumptious dessert; make your two-course meal blossom into a four-star dinner; discover new flavours in the sophisticated and tasty world of cheese. Complement your meal with a wine that harmonizes with your food, or enjoy a cocktail before dinner. Prior to your meeting, we will send out the evening’s menu with food and wine suggestions. See below for the options we have available to frame an evening with an addition or theme that suits your conference.

Optional dessert: 90 SEK/person
Optional four-course menu: 195 SEK/person

Wines to complement the meal
Our experienced sommelier recommends wines for the evening in three different levels. If you prefer to choose wine yourselves, we have a generous selection of quality wines on our wine menu.

Price: From 360 SEK/bottle
Wine package: From 260 SEK/person

Select a theme buffet
Give your theme a completely new and unique feeling with a theme buffet. Let a flavour, season or country become the central motif for everything at the table. Welcome guests with a seafood buffet, a celebration of Japanese flavours, or look towards more local delights. We have several ready-made buffet themes for you to choose from, and we are happy to create a unique one just for you.

Optional upgrade: From 125 SEK/person

Rent your own room
Our generous and luxurious spaces offer you a lot of choices, and our rooms can easily be transformed and decorated to give a new experience. It is our pleasure to help you arrange any event you desire, from a midsummer party or grill on the terrace to a gala night full of artists and celebrities. Sands Bakficka offers a location of exclusive ambience, while the Gallery has space for large parties, including food and dance space for up to 400 people.

Culinary Taste Testing
Try wine, champagne, distillate or cheeses from all over the world. Learn to combine interesting flavours, or book one of our popular bar schools, where we give tips on how to build up a good selection of drinks for your home bar.

Price: From 295 SEK/person
Plus a starting fee of 2,500 SEK.

Poker Tasting
Challenge your colleagues in this unique wine tasting event! This tasting will not only challenge your sense of smell and taste — it will also put your “poker face” to the test! We’ll try three white wines and three red wines from all over the world; before the evening is over, we’ll see if you managed to master all the elements of wine with skill and finesse!

Before & after
Enjoy an after work with beer or wine with light snacks as a relaxing way to start or round out the evening. Take a break in our conservatory, by the fire in the cold bath house, or in a room that we have arranged for you.

Example Price: Carlsberg Hof 55 SEK, Snacks 27 SEK

All prices are excluding VAT.

Meeting with sports

At Hotel Skansen it’s easy to spice up your conference with sports and activities that are inexpensive and fun. Many activities are available directly at the hotel or among the amazing scenery of the Bjäre peninsula just around the corner. If you have any questions, be sure to ask us, we would be happy to help you arrange whatever you desire. Activities must be pre-booked prior to arrival.


Play tennis on one of our famous courts. We have four courts by the harbour, as well as the Centre Court and Court 1, both of which are used during the Swedish Open.

Price: 250 SEK per hour per court. Includes racquet and balls

In Båstad harbour, just next to the hotel, is our popular padel court. We would be happy to help you book time for instruction and games.

Price: book paddle court xxx SEK per hour

Beach Volleyball
Challenge your team with a volleyball tournament on the beach just outside the hotel. Plus, afterwards you can take a dip in the ocean.

Price: Nets and balls can be borrowed from us. Inquire about pricing if you wish to arrange a tournament.

Arrange a competition
Perhaps a thrilling tennis tournament? Or really any sport or activity that awakens those dormant winning instincts. We are happy to help you organize the competition.

Group size: 10 persons and up. Inquire about pricing!

Sports lounge in the gallery
Turn the entire gallery (1000 square metres) into a private sports bar or lounge, open only to you and with plenty of space. We are happy to furnish and equip the space as desired.

Action! Raise your pulse with a mini-soccer or mini-tennis tournament. We can help arrange a best of three or five with different brackets. We can easily build up and equip the sports arena according to your wishes.

Relax… Unwind in style with the company’s private sports bar in the gallery. Play pool, table tennis or darts. Create a Bond-inspired casino night or have a drink while reclining on our comfortable sofas. We can also arrange a movie screening

Ask us about setup and pricing.


A trip to the sea
Arrange an experience at the sea with SUP or sea kayaking.

Price: 300 SEK per person. 2 hour session, includes paddle and life vest.

Sports on sand and grass
Lovely areas for football, softball, boules and kubb are close to the hotel. You can borrow many of the accessories for these games from us, free of charge.

Bjäre is home to many gorgeous and scenic landscapes — there is plenty of natural beauty to discover, all of it without costing anything extra. Both the Skåneleden trail and the cycling paths start right outside the hotel. We have print and digital hiking maps with trip suggestions and guided tours, all to make it easy to take a scenic hiking tour in Båstad and in the Bjäre peninsula. All the hiking trails are well marked. Looking for a personal guide to help you along the way? We’re happy to help you book one.

Discover Bjäre by bicycle and let the main trails take you on an exciting trek of adventure and exploration. A mountain bike or orienteering contest are the perfect activities to get the blood pumping. And for a truly exciting experience, the Vallåsen Bike Park is only 20 minutes away.

Price: Bike rental with helmet from 150 SEK

The Bjäre peninsula is home to several golf courses of high international class, each one with a unique character, all within a 10-minute distance. We would be happy to help you set up a tee time.

Price: Green fee from 500 SEK

The Vallåsen Ski Resort is not far from Båstad and Hotel Skansen. There are slopes and trails for all levels, as well as a ski school and equipment rentals available.

For current prices see


Our knowledgeable staff are always happy to share their knowledge of food and drink. A great activity to bring a group together, a tasting is the perfect way to try new things and learn a lot about yourself and food.

  • Tastings take approximately one hour.
  • Requires a minimum of 8 participants, with a maximum of 30 people per group.
  • For bar school, groups must be between 8 and 12 individuals.
  • Please contact us for pricing.

O, beloved Chardonnay! The world’s most cultivated grape. In this tasting, we sample Chardonnay from various countries and in different styles.

Exclusive wine tasting
Haven’t we all dreamed of tasting all those exclusive wines you normally only read about? Let our sommelier select four of his personal favourites from our wine list. Prepare to be absolutely enchanted by this sampling.

We try four wines from Spain and Italy. Sample a selection of classic grapes and trending Bordeaux from many different regions and in various styles.

Two countries make up a summit, and the old world meets the new. Which will be your favourite?

In this tasting you will learn about and sample the noblest of beverages, champagne. We try champagne from four different wineries.

Cheese and wine
No dinner is complete without an assortment of cheese. In this sampling, we try three different kinds of cheese and three different varieties of wine.

Cause ’n’ effect
The combination of food and wine. What happens when we pair the two? This tasting focuses on those fundamental flavours of gourmet cuisine, and helps you choose the perfect wine for just about any food.

Whiskey Tasting
Grain, water and yeast — these simple ingredients hold the key to the finest whiskeys. In this tasting, you will discover our Swedish whiskey from Mackmyra. We try 6 different varieties and get to know the history of Mackyra, all complemented with a basic introduction to whiskey production.

Bar School
A bar school that teaches the essentials, instructing participants in the creation of classic cocktails.

Poker Tasting
Challenge your colleagues in this unique form of wine tasting. Not only will your sense of smell and taste be put to the test, but your “poker face” is absolutely crucial. Sample three white wines and three red wines from all corners of the world. By evening’s end, we’ll see who among you has mastered these Bacchic elements the best!


Try out new challenges and test your limits together with your colleagues. These excellent team building exercises build a strong sense of unity and cohesion, a feeling that lasts long after you’ve finished and all the way to the meeting room. Hotel Skansen is the ultimate location for team building activities. We work together with local activity organizations to arrange team building exercises that are of the very highest quality.

A great indoor activity where teams are pitted against each other in contests of logical thinking, quick wit, and general knowledge.

Number of participants: 12–200 people
Time: 1–3 hours
Location: Both indoor and outdoor, adapted for the season
Price: Price quotation by SpiritEvent

So it may sound
Most of us have some connection to music — whether it’s rock, blues, classical or pop, music is very often an important part of our lives. We have audience response buttons ready on each table as teams are tasked with answering questions correctly and quickly.

Number of participants: 18–200 persons
Time: Approximately 1 hour
Location: Indoors
Price: Price quotation by SpiritEvent

Olympic Challenge
In this event, all the countries march into the ”stadium” accompanied by grand music and an Olympic torch. The countries challenge each other in classic Olympic trials — which country will take home the gold?

Number of participants: 18-200 persons
Time: Approximately 1.5–2.5 hours
Location: Outdoors
Price: Price quotation by SpiritEvent

Fire Walking
Overcome your mental limitations as you walk across 400° C glowing hot coal. An experience well beyond the ordinary, this exercise will strengthen the group’s self-esteem and sense of community as the participants bond together to face the challenge.

Number of participants: 20–150 people
Time: 1 hour
Location: Outdoors
Price: Price quotation by SpiritEvent

Night Misson
What awaits you in the dark? Equipped with just a flashlight, navigation equipment, and their wits, teams in the Night Mission will make their way to find and solve thorny challenges in the dark.

Number of participants: 12–100 people
Time: 1–2 hours
Location: Outdoors
Price: Price quotation by Spirit Event

Music Video
Who hasn’t dreamed of being a rock star for a day? Or maybe a director? There are many roles to play in this music video activity, and there is a place for everyone in the team. The group’s ability to plan, delegate and act is put to the test in this great exercise. The team is given professional video equipment and tasked with creating an unrivaled masterpiece.

Number of participants: 24–240 people
Time: 2 + 1 hours
Location: Indoor and outdoor
Price: Price quotation by SpiritEvent

Construction Events
Create something as a team! These activities focus on creativity and teamwork as the group undertakes various construction challenges. Build a box car, a floating cardboard vessel, your own flying kite, or maybe a bridge made entirely of paper that can hold the weight of a person?

Number of participants: 30–500 people
Time: 2–4 hours
Location: Both indoor and outdoor, adapted for the season
Price: From 350 SEK/person

Adventure Race
A challenge for the active company. Among the rocks and mountains in the scenic Hovs Hallar nature reserve, teams compete to see who can complete the most challenges. Each team is given a VHF radio, a map, an energy kit and code keys. Once equipped, each team endeavors to collect as many points as possible in the various challenges including Rappelling, Stand Up Paddle, Pistol Shooting, and duels of thought.

Number of participants: 35–100 people
Time: 2.5–3.5 hours
Location: Hovs Hallar is recommended
Price: By quotation

Dinner Activities
Combine dinner with an exciting activity. Throughout the evening, teams will duel on the stage in various competitions. Other teams can place bets on the outcome of the duels using play money. All of the duels are filmed and projected onto a big screen so everyone can see what’s happening and get a good view of the action.

Number of participants: 30–200 people
Time: During dinner
Location: Both indoor and outdoor, adapted for the season
Price: By quotation

This activity fits in perfectly as an exercise right before dinner or as a break during the day. The participants are divided into teams that compete in duels. These duels can be customized according to your wishes. For example, if we are indoors, we can set up laser target shooting or mini table tennis; if outdoors, teams can compete in mini outdoor tennis or on the technical track of our Mountain Bike course.

Number of participants: From 20 people
Time: Starting from approximately 2 hours
Location: Both indoor and outdoor, adapted for the season
Price: From 400 SEK/person

Mission Impossible
This unique concept features an advanced competitive game in which teams — with the help of modern technology, communication and collaboration — endeavor to complete as many challenges as possible. The teams are under the unrelenting pressure of time as they struggle to assess their strengths and weaknesses as a group and strive to utilize their skills and knowledge as best they can.

Number of participants: 40–500 people
Time: Starting from 3 hours
Location: Indoor & outdoor
Price: 800 SEK/person

Oscar Gala
Each team is tasked with producing a film that best reflects the theme of the conference. There are many roles to fill: the script needs to be written, the music selected, the actors appointed — and in the end, a film is made. The films are presented in their full glamour during the evening’s prestigious gala dinner.

Number of participants: 40–400 people
Time: Approximately 3 hours
Location: Indoor and outdoor
Price: By quotation

Rappelling & Archery
Activities of skill and spirit that are undertaken in Hovs Hallar, a gorgeous nature reserve that runs along parts of the Skåneleden trail. The activity consists of groups challenging themselves in two events, Archery and Rappelling.

Number of participants: 10–50 people
Time: Approximately 3 hours
Location: outdoors, at Hovs Hallar
Price: From 500 SEK/person

Casino Royale & Poker Night
A delightful way to conclude the evening after a great dinner, or perhaps after a challenging Mission Impossible team building exercise, the Casino Royale or Poker Night is a popular event. We go through the rules for the different games and everyone is allocated chips, giving them the chance for people to play as teams or individually.

Number of participants: 8–300 people
Time: Starting from approximately 2 hours
Location: Indoors in a suitable room
Price: From 450 SEK/person

Read more about our activity partner, Spirit Event


Northwest Skåne is an absolute paradise for golf enthusiasts. With its multitude of excellent courses, you’re sure to have a great time; only in Florida will you find a place with as many great greens packed all in one place.

In the Bjäre Peninsula, we have five 18-hole courses and a 9-hole course, each with its own unique character. In just 11 minutes you can reach 117 golf holes.

The Båstad Golf Club’s two courses are nestled in beautiful rolling terrain. The Old Course is Sweden’s second oldest 18-hole course, a true classic to play on. The New Course has been the home of many international competitions and is an absolute treat to experience.

Plus, there are many other courses to play on, including Äppelgårdens GK, which is in the middle of an apple orchard, the Åkagårdens GK that looks out across Denmark, Torekovs GK, which overlooks Halland Weather Island (Hallands Väderö), and Bjäre GK, which offers fantastic views of the peninsula.

Please contact us to book your preferred course


The Bjäre peninsula has many beautiful and interesting attractions. Take the opportunity to experience some of our real local treasures.

Lining the view from the Italian road is the magnificent Hovs Hallar, a truly stunning nature reserve on the coast. Check out the magnificent maritime scene of the idyllic Torekov village. Visit Halland Weather Island (Hallands Väderö) to enjoy a gorgeous day outing full of swimming and hiking. The Bjäre peninsula is also home to many small farm shops, galleries, studios and designer shopping centers that are sure to captivate!

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